Trans-Pacific Engineering Corporation

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water/wastewater experience

Trans-Pacific Engineering Corporation (TPEC) is a closely coordinated group that offers complete management and engineering services for water and wastewater collection and treatment facilities. Site-specific processes and equipment are carefully selected by our experienced project team to maximize system reliability and flexibility, and minimize treatment plant upkeep and operating costs.

Sludge Barge at Receiving Terminal

Boom Crane and Unloading Pumps
on Sludge Barge

Operating Control Station at
Sludge Dewatering Building

Representative projects completed by TPEC's staff are summarized below:

Philadelphia Water Department, PA

  • Security system upgrade and stormwater management for Baxter, Belmont, and Queen Lane Water Treatment Plants; Oak Lane, East Park, and Upper Roxborough Reservoirs; Belmont and East Park Pumping Stations Load Control Center

  • Sludge Handling System Design for Northeast, Southeast, and Southwest Water Pollution Control Plants

Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority, NJ

Delaware No. 1 Water Pollution Control Facility Design

North Bergen Municipal Utilities Authority, NJ

Main Sewage Treatment Plant Engineering Review

Confidential Client, Columbus, OH

New Sanitary Wastewater Treatment Plant Design

Confidential Client, Klingerstown, PA

New Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant Engineering Study

Aqualon Company, Parlin, NJ

Stormwater Management

Confidential Client, Bradford, PA

Treatability Studies and Permit Negotiations

Heraeus Precious Metals, Inc., Newark, NJ


Formosa Plastics Corporation, Delaware City, DE

Wastewater Impoundments

Marburger Foods, Inc., Peru, IN

Wastewater Treatment System Upgrade

Hu-Kao Industrial Estates, Taiwan

Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

Tu-Cheng Industrial Estates, Taiwan

Wastewater Treatment Plant Design

Daman Industrial Estates, Saudi Arabia

Wastewater Treatment Plant Engineering Study

Redyadah Industrial Estates, Saudi Arabia

Wastewater Treatment Plant Pre-Engineering Investigation

Jaedda Industrial Estates, Saudi Arabia

Wastewater Treatment Plant Design

Military Repair Facility, Saudi Arabia

Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Design

Tan's Stainless Steel Corporation, Taiwan

Wastewater Treatment and Reuse

Pein-Nam Industrial Estates, Taiwan

Ocean Disposal

Pa-Li Wastewater Treatment Plant, Taiwan

Municipal Sludge Disposal

China Steel Corporation, Kaoshung, Taiwan

Industrial Wastewater Collection

Taipei City, Taiwan

Water Treatment Plant Design

Taipei Regional Water Authority, Taiwan

Engineering and Pilot-Scale Studies

Brewery Operations, Taiwan

Water and Wastewater Treatment System Design

United Electronics, Shinchu, Taiwan

Wastewater Treatment System Design

Amman, Jordan

Greater Amman Municipality Slaughterhouse Wastewater Treatment Plant Design